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Smoke N Herb Radio Show February 21 ’24

Set List

Set List

Wild Romance side 1 (8 Ball,Wild Romance, You Are The One, Lady Love)

The Lonely Bull side 1 (The Lonely Bull, El Lobo, Tiajuana Saurkraut, Desfundo, Mexico, Never On Sunday) 

Whipped Cream and Other Delights side 1 (Taste of Honey, Green Peppers Tangerine,  Bittersweet Samba, Lemon Tree, Whipped Cream)

Rise side 1 (1980, Behind The Rain, Rise, Rotation)

Casino Royale side 1 (Gotta Lotta Lovin To Do, Lady Godiva, Bo Bo, Shades of Blue, In a Little Spanish Town, Wade iIn The Water 

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